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Chiller Parts

Chiller Resources, Inc. can help you find that hard to find chiller part. We have at our disposal hundreds of parts for late model as well as older Carrier, Trane and York chillers. You have probably noticed that these parts are often out of stock and usually take months to have manufactured and delivered. In the interim, your equipment is down and you must rent to continue operation while waiting on the part. Our parts are quality used parts that can be bought for significant savings versus new and can be delivered in a matter of days instead of waiting months for new parts.

Chiller Resources, Inc. can supply parts for current production machines as well as those which been out of production for many years.

Replacement Parts Include:

  • Motors - open and hermetic
  • Compressors - screw, centrifugal, reciprocating
  • Compressor impellers, gear sets, labyrinth seals, vane assemblies, journal and thrust bearings, rotors, shaft seals, slide valves, oil pumps and lubrication system parts, pistons, rods, crankshafts, gaskets, o-rings and many more
  • Controls - all brands of microprocessor and electro-mechanical controls
  • Purge Units - high efficiency, microprocessor controlled purges for R-11, R-123 and R-113 machines
  • Clean up kits for refrigerant and lithium bromide solution
  • Replacement tubes, replacement heat exchangers and coils

Rapid Technical Information and Parts Access - Chiller Resources, Inc. has not only the hands-on knowledge but also access to an extensive technical library on all brands of centrifugal, absorption, screw and reciprocating refrigeration systems. We have access to the information and parts resources to ensure you get what you need when you need it. We pride ourselves on being a fast, accurate and economical supplier of replacement parts and components.

To view a partial listing of the parts we have available please follow this link - Parts Listing. If you do not see the part you are looking for, please call or fill out our Parts Information Request, and we will do our best to locate it for you.

Please call us at 888/609-7156 to discuss your situation or fill out the following parts information request and one of our team will contact you.


Chiller Parts New and Used

Part # Description
KH19YZ140 Filter
32SM50704 Amplifier Module
19DK112103 Demister
KH11NX100 Strainer
19D111962 Orifice
KK73GV025 Seal
19D211002 Piston
KT59WL160 Washer
19D31192 Cable
19D311551 Shim
KK71PR025 "O" Ring
KK74ZW181 "O" Ring
KK74ZW325 "O" Ring
KM36BQ199 Visor
19EA561824 Impeller, 1st Stage
19EA561924 Impeller, 2nd Stage
19EA511372 Impeller Spacer
19EA510663 Oil Reservoir
19EA502204 Labyrinth
19EA562034 1st Stage Impeller Lab.
19EA562044 2nd Stage Impeller Lab.
19EA551043 Lab. Balancing Piston
19EA511464 High Speed Shaft
19EA5121003 Baffle
19EA51214 Pinion Bearing
19EA51204 Bull Gear Bearing
19EA511972 End Bell Bearing
19EA511373 Bearing Liner
19EA521024 Bearing Housing
19EA521023 Labyrinth
19EA511194 Spray Ring
19EA511362 Locknut
19EA512052 Impeller Locknut
19EA51473 Thrust Shoe Pck.
19EA51153 Counter Thrust Bearing
19EA Size 5 IW Intake Wall
19EA Size 5 DI Diaphragm
17FA5021054 Shaft
17FA502214 Oil Pump
19FA502354 Bull Gear Bearing
17FA502384 Pinion Gear Bearing
17FA502123 Journal Bearing
17FA502212 Thrust Bearing Shoe Set
19EA561844 Impeller, 1st Stage
19EA561914 Impeller, 2nd Stage
19EA4121114 Impeller Displacement Switch
19EA521024 Bearing Housing
19EA511194 Spray Ring
19EA521023 Labyrinth
19EA511952 Spring
19EA5121013 Pressure Plate
19EA660006 Gear Package
19EB4121003 Carbon Ring
19EA511972 Bearing
19EA412204 Labyrinth
19EA502204 Labyrinth
19EA51204 Bearing
19EA511312 Seal Ring
19EA511372 Impeller Spacer
19EA411184 Shaft
19EA511362 Locknut
19EA511892 Shaft Sleeve
19EA512102 Seal Housing
19EA511172 Seal Ring
19EB5121012 Seal Ring
19EB4121114 Impeller Displacement Switch
19EB4121013 Demister Gear Locknut
19EA4121003 Baffle
19EA512142 Pulley
19EA660017 Blade
19EA43831 Gear Set
19EA45831 Gear Set
19EA51831 Gear Set
19EA43254 Gear Set-Bull Gear 91 Teeth
19EA43254 Gear Set-Pinion Gear 30 Teeth
Gear Set Gear Set-Bull Gear 93 Teeth
Gear Set Gear Set-Pinion Gear 40 Teeth
GS-19EA511514 Gear Set-Bull Gear 93 Teeth
GS-19EA511103 Gear Set-Pinion Gear 40 Teeth
HK25B020 Timer
32SM500704 Module
19EA41611 Relay
KM14BC222 Thermometer
19D111962 Valve
19D23841 Oil Pump
KK71GZ196 "O" Ring
KK71ER371 "O" Ring
CT28MM204 "V" Band
CT28MM278 "V" Band
CT28MM388 "V" Band
19DH31171 Bearing & Pin Package
19D31244 Bearing
19DH111104 Bearing
19D232152 Vanes Shaft
19DA33203 Shoe Package
19D31841 Gear Package
19D311004 Thrust Shaft
19D311292 Slinger
19D23841 Adjusting Pad Package
19D320052 Leveling Pad
19D212063 Vane Pulley
19D21252 Vane Pulley
19D311044 Vane Blades
19C35014 Vane Seal
19D171074 Impeller
19D331054 Impeller
19D331064 Impeller
19D351064 Impeller
19DH141034 Impeller
19DH141124 Impeller
19DH151024 Impeller
19DH151084 Impeller
19DH161124 Impeller
19DH231024 Impeller
19DH231124 Impeller
19DH241024 Impeller
19DH2441124 Impeller
19DH251034 Impeller
19DH251044 Impeller
19DH251054 Impeller
19DH251124 Impeller
19DH261014 Impeller
19DH261124 Impeller
19DH331124 Impeller
19DH341034 Impeller
19DH341054 Impeller
19DH341094 Impeller
19DH341124 Impeller
19DH351024 Impeller
19DH351094 Impeller
19DH361024 Impeller
19DH361044 Impeller
19DH361124 Impeller
19EA461064 Impeller
19EA471044 Impeller
19EA481074 Impeller
19EA491054 Impeller
19EA551854 Impeller
19EA551924 Impeller
19D17841 Gear Package
19D21841 Gear Package
19D31841 Gear Package
19DA31181 Gear Package - 50Hz
19D32841 Oil Pump & Motor Package
19DK111444 Oil Pump, Motor, Filter-Cooler Assembly
19DH21102 Labyrinth
19DH31102 Labyrinth
19DG11164 Labyrinth
19DM660007 Labyrinth
19DM660008 Labyrinth
19DM660009 Labyrinth
19D21244 Bearing
19D21234 Bearing
19DH111003 Shaft
19DH211003 Shaft
19DH311004 Shaft
19D111044 Vane Blade
19D21104 Vane Blade
19DA11143 Guide Vane Blade Ring Assembly
19DA21143 Guide Vane Blade Ring Assembly
19DA31143 Guide Vane Blade Ring Assembly
16JB054178 Solution Pump


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